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 Post subject: Joytech Power-station
PostPosted: Fri Apr 13, 2007 10:27 am 
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Just thought I'd mention my latest purchase in case anyone's interested.

This is the Joytech Power-station Wii remote docking station and recharger (bought mine on Play for £17.99).

It comes with two rechargeable battery packs that clip into the back of the Wii remotes. Very securely too! With the original battery compartment covers I noticed a degree of movement when playing games like Wii Sports Baseball and Tennis but now it's rock solid.

There's also little thingies at each side that pull out to provide somewhere to keep your Nunchucks. I've found that wrapping the cord round the middle and laying them on their side keeps them very securely in place.

Charging apparently takes four hours, though the battery packs arrive with about a half charge so it only takes a couple of hours the first time. After that, I've just left them in the charger with it turned on. When charging, there are little red lights next to each remote, which turn green when charging is complete. The charger turns itself off when the lights are green so you'll always have a fully charged remote handy without wasting electricity.

I have only one minor problem with the Power-Station. This is with the power supply lead. It plugs into the power input in the back of the Wii (you have to unplug the Wii from the mains, unplug the power supply, plug the Power-Station into the Wii, then plug the power supply into the back of the Power-Station plug that you've just plugged into the Wii), which is all well and good but the cord to the Power-Station is only about two foot long. If, like me, you want to keep your remotes next to your favourite chair or whatever, this just isn't anywhere near long enough. Luckily, the cord has a standard DC jack that plugs into the main unit, so what I've done is I've bought a multi-voltage AC-DC adaptor and have it plugged into the mains next to my seat. Works perfectly. You just have to make sure that you get one that outputs at 12V and is rated up to 750mA or above. I bought mine at Tesco for £6.99.

Anyway, I'd heartily recommend this. Give it a few weeks an it will have paid for itself because you won't have to buy any more batteries. Alright, you could get some rechargeable batteries and a charger a bit cheaper (I've actually already got some for my camera) but then you wouldn't have everything nice and neat, which was another reason I bought this (rather than having remotes and Nunchucks lying all over the place).

Here are some pictures. :D


And no, I haven't been employed by Joytech to do PR work!

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