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 Post subject: Writer's block...
PostPosted: Thu Oct 23, 2014 4:57 pm 
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How many writer's does it take to change a light-bulb?
None, becuase by the time the light-bulb blew, it is early morning and Dawn is about to get Rosy fingered, and writers tend to have spent the entire night straining their eyes staring at a blank page on a word document.

That isn't a real joke - I just made it up, to spice up a very dull question. Does writer's block exist?
Neil Gaimen was quite dismissive about the notion of "writer's block" in a recent issue of SFX. He says that writer's like to be grandiose about things, and what they mean is they are "stuck".
This isn't a subject that needs a rant or anything, but I think that is a little bit glib of him. There are too many levels of being "stuck" to be just "Oh I can't think what my character should do next...". There are too many factors in anyone's life that can cause this strange blight of a writer's mind.

Why do I say this? Because my friends, I know I had it. About 4 years ago I was writing away quite content, when crash-bang-wallop-what-a-load-of-paper my life veered off in a direction out of my control - as it were. I put the story aside to concentrate on getting one'd life back on course. Then a few months to a year later, I wanted to get back to it, but the problem was that I was no longer the same person. I found myself not being able to even think about the same story as people one knows tend to filter in to one's writing, and I could no longer write about the same characters and situations.
Unfortunately due to yet another bout of life's detritus being thrown at me, I then lost all confidence in my own ability to put a sentence together. Not that what happened was to do with writing, but that it was a strange side-effect. Figurtively speaking; It wasn't as though I did not want to get back on the bicycle, but I had no idea how to again.
There were times when I would stare at a blank bit of paper trying to write something - just anything. I think this lasted over 3 years...
However, I read a blog of a professional writer, that basically said the rough draft doesn't matter - it set the prose alight again. I got the old story out, put a line under it. Turned the page and headed it 'Stage 2'. It isn't the same story that it had I been able to carry on at the time of the last word, and it is not a solid continuation but it is the same story - I just found release in that simple bit of advice, and when one looks back I think, "how did I not think of that before?". Then I think of what caused it, and I shudder... but now I can shudder and write.

Anyway, I know that the dreaded wobbles do exist, but what do you all think?

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