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PostPosted: Sat Aug 14, 2021 9:57 am 
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August 14 2021 marks ten years since the release of the Prequel to Let's Kill Hitler:

This features my wife Karen as the voice of Amy as she calls the Doctor with Matt Smith briefly appearing as him in the TARDIS but doesn't say a word.
As noted by TARDIS wiki this is the first prequel to feature the Doctor, a companion or the TARDIS.
Amy calls the Doctor on how he has been doing in his search for Melody which as established at the end of A Good Man Goes To War grows up to be River Song.
Amy does not know if the Doctor is listening to this call but hope that he does.
She then ends the call.
The Doctor is shown to have listened to her call but did not answer it.
To be picked up in Let's Kill Hitler on August 27 2011.

Matthew See
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 14, 2021 4:40 pm 
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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - Who Are The Ravagers? (Post-Credit Explained): (with a brief appearance by my wife Karen as Nebula at 0.29)

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 16, 2021 7:30 pm 
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Saw my wife Karen in Gunpowder Milkshake.
Although it is an episode before my wife Karen was Amy Pond, there was one scene in Gunpowder Milkshake which made me think of one in the Doctor Who episode The Sound of Drums.
The casting of Gunpowder Milkshake is case of Doctor Who meets Star Trek because just as my wife Karen was Amy in Doctor Who, Yeoh was Phillipa Georgiou in Star Trek: Discovery.
Another reminder of my wife Karen's other work was when Gunpowder Milkshake briefly showed the book Little Women.
The subject of Little Women came up in my wife Karen's short-lived series Selfie in 1.9 Follow Through.

Matthew See
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 19, 2021 11:56 am 
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That Film Stew podcast review on Gunpowder Milkshake starring my wife Karen:

With reference made of her being Amy Pond in Doctor Who.

Matthew See
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 27, 2021 12:53 pm 
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August 27 2021 marks ten years since the original broadcast of Let's Kill Hitler, the opener to the second half of Matt Smith's second season as the Doctor.

Written by showrunner Steven Moffat.
Let's Kill Hitler resumed this season, three months after the previous episode A Good Man Goes To War.

However the Whoniverse wasn't completely absent on-screen during this three month period.

Elsewhere in the Whoniverse, Torchwood: Miracle Day made its debut in July 2011 for a ten episode run.

In fact Miracle Day had yet to reach the end of its run when Let's Kill Hitler arrived.

This was not the only instance of new Doctor Who and Torchwood episodes overlapping with each other.

The only other time this had happened was in 2006 when that year's Doctor Who Christmas Special The Runaway Bride came six days before the final two episodes of Torchwood season 1 on New Year's Day 2007.

A Good Man Goes To War ends with the Doctor going off in search of baby Melody Pond after she was taken by Madame Kovarian but the big shock came when River revealed to Amy, Rory and the viewer that she is Melody all grown up!

Let's Kill Hitler starts off with Rory and Amy in a car with the former driving in a cropfield.

Amy gives directions to Rory of which way to turn.

This driving around eventually stops when they saw the Doctor by the TARDIS.

The Doctor holds up a newspaper with the cover story about a message in that cropfield which says "Doctor" created by Rory's driving in the car!

This was Amy and Rory's way of getting their message to the Doctor as they want to know whether he had found Melody.

The Doctor hasn't but reminded them of who Melody grows up to be.

Rory looking at the newspaper notices a line across the Doctor's name but he didn't make that line.

The maker of this line is then revealed to be a car driving towards them.

They screamed as they got out of the way.

The driver of the car then gets out and the driver is Mels, Amy and Rory's childhood friend.

Mels is played by Nina Toussaint-White. In a bit of a curio, prior to Toussaint-White's casting, Mels was auditioned by one Jenna Coleman (or Jenna-Louise Coleman).

Yes the future Clara could have been Mels instead!

Mels knows about the Doctor as Amy talked about him a lot whilst they were growing up.

It turns out Mels had stole the car that she drove and they all hear the sirens as the police are coming for her.

Mels then pulls the gun on the Doctor for him to take her on a trip in the TARDIS.

She says, "Let's kill Hitler" as that is where she wants the Doctor to take her to.

Then cue the title sequence.

After the title sequence there is a flashback of Amelia/Amy, Rory and Mels (with Caitlin Blackwood back as Amelia) during the time before Amy got reunited with the Doctor.

Back to the present and it is shown that Mels inside had shot the TARDIS. She had come to believe that weapons don't work in here due to it being a state of temporal grace.

The temporal grace in the TARDIS was first established in 1976's The Hand of Fear in which the Fourth Doctor says that the temporal grace prevents weapons working in there.

However in Let's Kill Hitler, the Eleventh Doctor says it was a clever lie.

The main setting of this episode is 1938 Germany and it featured the Justice Vehicle 6019 more commonly known as the Teselecta a robot that can change its shape to look like anyone and manned by a human crew from the future who are miniaturised inside it. I had surmised at the time that Steven Moffat may have seen the Eddie Murphy movie Meet Dave which had a spaceship in the form of a human.
The Teselecta was there to take the place of a Nazi officer for the purpose of killing Hitler.
However just as the Teselecta was about to kill Hitler, he got saved when the TARDIS crashed through knocking the Teselecta.
The Doctor, Amy, Rory and Mels got out of the TARDIS and the former definitely were shocked they had just saved Hitler.
The Teselecta then stood up and Hitler took a shot at it.
Rory punches Hitler and the Doctor tells Rory to put Hitler in the cupboard.
Despite the episode title, the episode has very little to do with Hitler and Hitler in the cupboard is the last we see of him here.
Noticed on the screen on the Teselecta that the TARDIS was listed as Type 40, Mark 3. The TARDIS was described as a Mark 3 in The Time Meddler and first described as a Type 40 in The Deadly Assassin. It would seem that Moffat had decided to solve the problem of these two contradictory descriptions by marrying them together.
As the Teselecta is a machine, the bullets that Hitler shot it with ricocheted to Mels seriously wounding her.
It is then that Mels revealed she is Melody.
The Doctor then wonders about how Melody got her name and Amy revealed that she named Melody after Mels.
As the Doctor notes Amy had named her daughter after her daughter!
Due to Mels being seriously wounded she regenerated into River Song.
There is a bit of comedy here including the Doctor and River having a switcheroo with a gun and a banana.
A banana substituting a gun was something that Moffat had done before in The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances.
River had been programmed to kill the Doctor and while she was not able to do it with a gun, she seemed to have succeeded by her kissing him as she had poison lipstick.
River then runs off with Rory and Amy after her.
The Doctor in the meantime went in the TARDIS as he worked out his plan of not dying.
Quite a surprise that with the Doctor back in the TARDIS it featured cameos from Rose, Martha and Donna in the form of holograms.
Then the hologram of young Amelia appears telling how much time the Doctor has left to live before saying fish fingers and custard which comforts the Doctor.
River arrives at a restaurant in a hotel and with her carrying guns she scares off all the diners.
I just read that the site that was shot for this hotel had earlier been used in The Fires of Pompeii, my wife Karen's Doctor Who debut, albeit as the Soothsayer.
Rory and Amy were on a motorbike as they were chasing after River.
They had lost her and stopped by and wondered where she could have got to.
Fortuitously they just happened to stopped just outside of that hotel when the diners ran out terrified giving them an obvious clue of River's location.
However Rory and Amy barely reacts to this when they suddenly see arriving Amy on a motorbike. It is the Teselecta in Amy's form. This would not be the only instance of seeing two Karen Gillans as it would happen again in The Girl Who Waited two episodes later.
Rory and Amy are then miniaturised and placed inside the Teselecta.
The Teselecta Amy then meets with River.
Inside the Teselecta, Amy and Rory got greeted by flying robots known as Antibodies and they were about to kill them.
Amusingly Amy says that they come in peace.
They got saved when an crewmember came by to give them bracelets which stops the Antibodies in killing them.
In the hotel, Teselecta Amy attacks River but got stopped when the Doctor came by in a suit, a top hat and a sonic cane.
Yes a sonic cane and this is the only time it has ever appeared and a pity William Hartnell never had one as it would have suited him.
With the use of the sonic cane, the Doctor knows that the Amy he is seeing is the Teselecta.
The one information that the Doctor got out of Teselecta Amy is that the Silence is a religious order but not the reason why they want him dead.
Amy and Rory ultimately got out of the Teselecta with Amy using the sonic screwdriver to deactivate the crew's bracelets which enabled the Antibodies to attack and kill the crew.
However that also deactivated Amy and Rory's bracelets as well.
The crew teleported themselves out while Amy and Rory were saved at the last minute by the arrival of the TARDIS.
However when they went inside it wasn't the Doctor they saw but River piloting her.
Then they are with the Doctor as he is in his last moments of life.
However the Doctor got saved when River used all of her remaining regenerations on the Doctor.
The Doctor is saved but River passes out.
The Doctor, Amy and Rory then leaves River resting in a hospital. The Doctor also leaves River a gift - a diary.
With the Doctor, Amy and Rory back in the TARDIS it is revealed the Doctor now knows the date of his death as he got it from records on the Teselecta.
The episode ends with River applying at Luna University in 5123 where she meets with a Professor Candy.
River is applying to study archaeology and Professor Candy asked why, she says that she is looking for a good man.
Moffat had first used the character of Professor Candy in the short story Continuity Errors which is his first professional Doctor Who work.

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 03, 2021 10:40 am 
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September 3 2021 marks ten years since the original broadcast of Night Terrors.

Written by Mark Gatiss.

Night Terrors is also the name of an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation and my wife Karen Gillan is a fan of that series.
Another series that my wife Karen is a fan of is The Outer Limits and it had an episode Under The Bed in 1995 that is similar in plot to Doctor Who's Night Terrors.

This starts off with a couple Alex and Claire who has been having problems with their young son George.

Alex is played by Daniel Mays and his previous work included Ashes to Ashes. Incidentally one of his Ashes to Ashes co-stars Marshall Lancaster guest starred earlier in this Doctor Who season in the first half in The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People.

As an actor Gatiss had worked with Mays in the 2005 TV series Funland.

Hearing his parents arguing as well as having fear of monsters George asked for help to get rid of the monsters in his bedroom.

Then in the TARDIS, the Doctor receives George's cry for help from the psychic paper and therefore he, Amy and Rory go to the council estate where George and his parents lives.

On arrival at the council estate, the Doctor splits up with Amy and Rory in order to locate George.

It is the Doctor who locates George as he first meets Alex, Claire being out at work.

Alex mistakenly believes the Doctor is a social worker who came here for George, a mistake he eventually realises.

In his investigation, the Doctor looked at photos of Alex and Claire taken a month before George was born but Claire wasn't pregnant back then.

Alex says that Claire could not get pregnant as they tried everything but nothing worked.

This leaves the question of where did George come from.

The Doctor figures that George is an alien child, a Tenza who was made due to Alex and Claire's desire for a child through a perception filter.

The Doctor and Alex soon ended up inside George's cupboard where it is truly bigger on the inside than the outside.

Also finding themselves inside the cupboard were Amy and Rory and their time there included facing off peg dolls. They tried getting away from them but Amy got caught and is turned into a doll!

The Doctor realises that George has been frightened that his parents were going to send him away having heard them arguing about him.

In fact the cupboard is filled with George's fears.

Alex allayed George's fears by getting passed the dolls that were in front of him and embraced George as his son.

Soon everything went back to normal including Amy back as her human self.

After spending sometime with Alex and George, the Doctor briefly meets Claire as she came home and then the Doctor parts way with them.

In reuniting with Amy and Rory, the Doctor says Amy being back in the flesh. Although in reference to Amy just being a doll it is also a reference to Amy having recently been a Flesh avatar in the first half of this season.

During the episode a nursery rhyme was played and at the end a variation of it was sang presenting what is to come for the Doctor as the season approaches its end.

This had children singing:
"Tick tock goes the clock, even for the Doctor."

During Night Terrors, the Doctor states his liking for Jammie Dodgers. Jammie Dodgers plays a part in Victory of the Daleks the previous episode written by Gatiss.

Also during Night Terrors the Doctor says to Alex:
"Through crimson stars and silent stars and tumbling nebulas like oceans set on fire."

It is evident that Gatiss has a liking for the colour crimson as he later wrote The Crimson Horror.

Whilst on the subject of nebulas, my wife Karen Gillan later played Nebula in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Incidentally the day before this tenth anniversary I finished listening to the Big Finish Eighth Doctor Companion Chronicle Solitaire

Solitaire was released in June 2010, 15 months before the broadcast of Night Terrors and Solitaire had the Doctor as a puppet.

As noted by TARDIS Wiki, Amy was turned into a doll in Night Terrors in a similar manner to how the Eighth Doctor got turned into a puppet in Solitaire.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 09, 2021 3:54 am 
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Rendezvous At The Premiere of Jumanji: The Next Level London Premiere with my wife Karen in December 2019:

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 09, 2021 12:25 pm 
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September 9 2021 marks ten years since the release of Blackout, an exclusive-to-audio story from AudioGo.
Featuring the then current TARDIS team of the Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory.
Written by Oli Smith and released and narrated by Stuart Milligan (who appeared in the TV series earlier in the year playing US President Richard M. Nixon in The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon).
Blackout is also the name of a three-part BBC TV series that had starred Ninth Doctor Chris Eccleston and which came out ten months later in July 2012.
Blackout takes place in 1965 New York which sadly would become the setting for Amy and Rory’s swansong The Angels Take Manhattan albeit earlier in the timeline in the 1930s.
Unlike The Angels Take Manhattan, Blackout does not feature the Angels. It instead has New York City having a blackout just like it says in the story title. It was caused by the presence of aliens who also employ the use of a disease on the populace.
In this story Amy and Rory are separated from the Doctor for much of it but the Doctor wasn’t alone in his scenes without them as he was accompanied by Clint the cab driver.
When I listened to this in story in 2013 I said at the time that Clint, from the way he is characterised by Milligan’s narration, sounds he could have been a good stand-in companion for the Doctor in the TV series.

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September 10 2021 marks ten years since the original broadcast of The Girl Who Waited.

Written by Tom MacRae. He previously written Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel for the 2006 season.

In between these two said stories, MacRae wrote the unproduced Century House intended for the 2008 season.

However Century House was dropped as then showrunner Russell T Davies felt it was too similar in tone to The Unicorn and the Wasp.

The Girl Who Waited has the Doctor taking Amy and Rory to the planet Apalapucia on a holiday.

However things became wrong the moment Amy could not locate her phone just as the Doctor and Rory were already outside the TARDIS.

The Doctor tells Amy where her phone is and Amy eventually gets it.

Whilst Amy was in the TARDIS getting her phone, the Doctor and Rory reached a door where they see two pictured buttons that of Green Anchor and Red Waterfall.

They press Green Anchor and this opens the door and they went inside the room which has a glass in the shape of a mirror.

Amy comes out of the TARDIS and reaches that door and contrary to the Doctor and Rory, presses Red Waterfall and went inside the room when the door opened.

Amy however does not find the Doctor and Rory there.

Meanwhile the Doctor and Rory wonders what is taking Amy so long. Then they see Amy in the glass and they communicate with her. The glass is called a time glass and becomes evident why it is called that.

It soon transpires Amy from where she is, is experiencing time faster than them.

As the Doctor and Rory ponders what is going on with Amy, a robot materialises. It is called a Handbot.

It informs them that the planet has suffered from a plague. This plague kills people with two hearts. Apalapucians have two hearts and so does the Doctor!

The Handbot explains that the population has created a "kindness facilities", where those infected by the plague are placed in one of several thousand accelerated time streams, allowing them to live out their lives whilst in communication with their loved ones through a time glass.

Through the time glass the Doctor tells Amy to wait in one of the facilities as they come to get her by the TARDIS.

The Doctor and Rory then go back to the TARDIS.

Due to the said plague, the Doctor spends the remainder of the episode in the TARDIS.

Having reached Amy's location, Rory's steps out to look for her. He also wears glasses which is a communicator to the Doctor in the TARDIS and also allows the Doctor sees what is going on out there.

Rory does indeed finds Amy but Amy has aged considerably.

The episode title therefore refers to Amy as she has waited for 36 years.

On the subject of the number 36, in my wife Karen Gillan's first post-Doctor Who work Not Another Happy Ending her character Jane Lockhart, an aspiring writer, whose first book just got published was writing her second book.

However she became blocked in writing her second book after completing 36 chapters!

During this 36 years, the older Amy made a sonic probe (not screwdriver).

The Doctor realises that they went into the wrong timestream and eventually the older Amy talks to her younger self through the time glass and soon the younger Amy gets brought into the same timestream with her older self, Rory and the TARDIS.

A harrowing choice therefore presents itself, if the younger Amy is rescued then the older Amy,with the way she is would not have existed

In the end the younger Amy is brought back in the TARDIS. The older Amy attempts to get in the TARDIS but the Doctor shuts the door on her saying it is impossible for both Amys in the same timestream.

The older Amy comes to a sad end as she is surrounded by Handbots with one of them injecting her with what they called kindness but in effect is very deadly.

The older Amy collapses as the Doctor and Rory resumes their travels with the younger Amy.

The corresponding Confidential episode What Dreams May Come looked very briefly at the main episode.

Instead most of the Confidential episode delves into a scenario posed by the main episode of making dreams come true and it did that here for my wife Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill.

For my wife Karen it was learning how to drive as she learns that very lesson here.

Curiously enough eight years later in 2019 for the LA premiere of her movie Jumanj: The Next Level, Karen says that she hadn't got her driver's licence!

Matthew See
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, 2021 10:52 am 
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September 17 2021 marks ten years since the original broadcast of The God Complex, the antepenultimate episode of Matt Smith's second season as the Doctor
Written by Toby Whithouse, with this his second episode for the Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory after the previous year's The Vampires of Venice which was also Rory's debut TARDIS trip.
The God Complex starts with a policewoman Lucy Hayward running away with what turns out to be a Minotaur in a hotel.
When I saw this back then I said that the sight of Lucy in a police uniform immediately reminded me of Amy in one in her first episode The Eleventh Hour and even Caitlin Blackwood gets to appear here as Amelia.
I will get to Caitlin later on.
It is revealed in the corresponding Confidential episode Heartbreak Hotel that Lucy Hayward was originally Lucy Miller at the script read-through.
TARDIS Wiki surmises the name change was to avoid confusion with Eighth Doctor Big Finish companion Lucie Miller.
Lucy Hayward then sees a gorilla, one that she had seen in a story book when she was younger which results in her death. Before her death Lucy wrote notes of this very experience.
After the title sequence, we see the Doctor, Amy and Rory at this hotel.
In his full debut The Eleventh Hour, the newly regenerated Eleventh Doctor developed a dislike for apples.
However in The God Complex, he willingly takes a bite of one....and does not spit it out.
They then sees pictures on a wall and these are pictures of the Minotaur's victims and each picture has written the reason for their deaths.
As well as Lucy, these pictures include one of Royston Luke Gold and he looked remarkably like producer Marcus Wilson!
They soon meet other people in this hotel. These include Gibbis and Rita.
Gibbis is an alien from the planet Tivoli. Gibbis is a coward because that is the nature of his species as his planet often gets invaded and his species easily submit to the wishes of their invaders.
Incidentally Whithouse had the Doctor briefly brought up the subject of invasion albeit one by humans on Earth in The Vampires of Venice.
Whithouse later introduced another Tivoli, Prentis in his Twelfth Doctor 2015 story Under The Lake/Before The Flood.
Gibbis is played by David Walliams who is well known as one half of the Little Britain comedy duo (the other half being future Nardole, Matt Lucas and Little Britain was narrated by Fourth Doctor Tom Baker).
12 years before The God Complex. Walliams appeared in the Big Finish Fifth Doctor story Phantasmagoria.
Given that Walliams is a comedian and that The God Complex takes place in a hotel, I said at the time that despite Walliams being a comedian and this takes place in a hotel, The God Complex was not Fawlty Towers.
Incidentally Whithouse had written about a hotel before as he was a writer on the Hotel Babylon TV series (one to this day I still haven't seen).
The God Complex was directed by Nick Hurran and at the time I noted the surreal nature of this episode is something that Hurran had handled before as he had worked on The Prisoner remake series.
Rita is a medical student and the Doctor immediately saw her as a prospective companion and even jokingly fired Amy as one!
The group explores the hotel and they discovered that they have rooms reserved for them.
In one of the rooms they went into, it had the Weeping Angels in them. It turns out that these Weeping Angels aren't real as this is Gibbis' room and they are a projection of Gibbis' fear.
During this exploration, Amy picked up Lucy's notes which she momentarily forgets to give to the Doctor when the Minotaur turned up. It was funny a little later on when everyone was away from the Minotaur that Amy finally gives the Doctor. Lucy's notes and the Doctor hits Amy's head with these notes for her forgetfulness. (Sorry, Amy)
The notes gave the Doctor, clues to the Minotaur's nature and leading him to conclude that it is taking its victims due to what they fear the most.
Eventually the Doctor and Amy got to see the inside of their respective rooms.
The Doctor says of course when he looked into his room and it would not be revealed what he saw inside until the Eleventh Doctor's swansong The Time of the Doctor.
The number of the Doctor's room is 11, of course referring to him as the Eleventh Doctor.
Amy's room number is 7 but we don't know the significance of this number and what she saw inside until later on in the episode.
As well as Rita and Gibbis, the Doctor also met Joe and Howie and in the following order, Joe, Howie and sadly even Rita became victims of the Minotaur.
This leaves only the Doctor, Amy, Rory and Gibbis.
The Doctor then concludes the Minotaur wasn't taking its victims out of fear but of faith. It is then revealed that Minotaur has taken possession of Amy as a result of earlier looking into her room.
They then runs into Amy's room and what's inside is young Amelia as played by Caitlin Blackwood. The number 7 therefore refers to the age Amelia was at when she met the Doctor.
It was funny during this scene in Amy's room, Rory barricaded himself against the door to stop the Minotaur coming in.
However that was to no avail as the Minotaur kicked opened the door with Rory still on it. Rory then disappeared from view as he was behind the opened door and is momentarily forgotten about for the rest of this scene.
This scene has the Doctor convincing Amelia, who had believed the Doctor to be a hero, to break her faith in him saying that he is not a hero but a madman in a box.
This worked and the hotel then changes form as it revealed to be an alien prison all along.
The Minotaur then dies as it has no more faith to feed upon. In a reference to the classic series, the Doctor says here that the Minotaur was a cousin of the Nimon.
Whilst still on the subject of the classic series, the Eleventh Doctor breaking Amelia's faith in him brought a reminder of the Seventh Doctor doing the same to Ace in The Curse of Fenric.
After seeing the death of the Minotaur, they leave the prison with the Doctor dropping Gibbis home.
Perhaps as an irony given his cowardly nature, Gibbis is the only person, other than the TARDIS crew, to have been brought into the hotel to have survived the Minotaur.
The Doctor then brought Amy and Rory to a house and to the latter two's surprise it is their house the Doctor bought for them.
Rory then went inside as the Doctor and Amy talked alone.
The Doctor decided that this is the end of his travels with Amy and Rory because he says the alternative was seeing them die and even remarking of him standing over Amy's grave.
Sadly the Doctor did just that in The Angels Take Manhattan and perhaps seeing the Weeping Angels earlier in Gibbis' room was another foreshadow to The Angels Take Manhattan.
The Doctor then leaves to travel on his own and while this is not the last we see of Amy and Rory, a view was formed on reflection that this should have been the final time we saw of Amy and Rory instead of the sadness that was to come in The Angels Take Manhattan.

Matthew See
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 20, 2021 6:40 pm 
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Saw the animated movie Wish Dragon (2021).
Wish Dragon featured a billboard of one of the main characters Li Na (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) promoting a watch called Piaget.
Seeing this immediately made me of Amy on the poster ad for the Petrichor perfume as seen in Closing Time.
Incidentally the titular dragon was voiced by John Cho and he had worked with my wife Karen in Selfie and it is now almost ten years since Closing Time first came out.

Matthew See
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 21, 2021 10:00 am 
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Jumanji: The Next Level (2019) with my wife Karen will make its Australian free to air debut on 7 on Wednesday September 29, 8:45pm.

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 24, 2021 10:26 am 
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September 24 2021 marks ten years since the original broadcast of Closing Time, the penultimate episode of Matt Smith's second season as the Doctor.

I stated at the time that with its title it would have been fitting if this had been the season finale but instead it is the season's penultimate episode.

I also noted at the time that of a coincidence with that year’s seasons of Doctor Who and Torchwood is that each had an episode that shares the same name of a non-TV story for the other show. Torchwood: Miracle Day had The Gathering also the name of a Fifth Doctor Big Finish audio story while Closing Time was previously used as a name of a Torchwood serial story published in Torchwood Magazine.

Doctor Who's Closing Time was written by Gareth Roberts and this is a sequel to his previous year's The Lodger with James Corden back as Craig.

Closing Time was directed by Steve Hughes, the only episode of Doctor Who that he has directed.

Daisy Haggard is also back as Sophie and she and Craig now has a baby son Alfie.

Unlike The Lodger, Sophie has very little to do here leaving the boys being the Doctor, Craig and even Alfie having this adventure all on their own.

Just like The Lodger, Craig does not meet Amy and Rory, quite convenient that the Doctor just happened to leave them in the previous episode The God Complex. It gradually occur to me of feeling inconceivable that Craig was ever going to meet Amy and Rory.

Closing Time features the Cybermen and the first Cyberman that is seen here is at a department store where an employee Shona sadly meets her demise when seeing this Cyberman at the end of the teaser.

The Cybermen had appeared twice before in the Eleventh Doctor era (and notwithstanding the Adventure Game, Blood of the Cybermen) in The Pandorica Opens when they were part of a united front of his enemies against him and in A Good Man Goes to War but the Doctor didn’t meet them there.

Therefore Closing Time became the first proper Eleventh Doctor/Cybermen adventure on TV.

Other guest stars of Closing Time include Lynda Baron and Chris Obi.

Baron is a guest star who had previously guested on classic Who, twice in her case, the first in The Gunfighters for a voice only part as her voice is heard singing The Ballad of the Last Chance Saloon and many years later she appeared on-screen in Enlightenment playing Captain Wrack.

The Gunfighters is the first Doctor Who Western and Closing Time is five episodes before the second Doctor Who Western A Town Called Mercy.

As Closing Time featured the Cybermen, Cybermen stories came in close proximity to Baron's classic Who stints as The Gunfighters came four stories before the Cybermen debut story The Tenth Planet and Enlightenment came two stories before the Cybermen turned up in The Five Doctors.

Outside of Doctor Who, Baron was well known for the sitcom Open All Hours. In fact Open All Hours is the name of the corresponding Doctor Who Confidential episode to Closing Time and Open All Hours is basically the opposite in name to Closing Time.

Obi later joined a group of actors who appeared in both Doctor Who and Star Trek as Obi later appeared in two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery.

Therefore somewhat prescient that Closing Time has a Star Trek reference with the Doctor and Craig saying Star Trek Beam Me Up as it was noted that the Cybermen has use of a teleport.

Closing Time is the second episode in a row to have a Star Trek reference after The God Complex had one of the girls in Howie's room saying Klingon.

In Closing Time, Obi plays the department store's security guard George and George is also the name of the alien Tenza boy in Night Terrors, three episodes before.

Although Closing Time comes just after the Doctor left Amy and Rory in The God Complex, my wife Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill are still credited here.

This is due to them having one scene here in the department store. It came after the Doctor makes a comment to Craig about a coincidence and the Doctor just coincidentally then sees Amy and Rory but the Doctor does not say hello to them and tries to hide himself from them.

This scene has Amy signing an autograph for a little girl. The little girl knows Amy as Amy is on the poster ad in the store promoting the perfume Petrichor.

The word petrichor was said earlier in the season in The Doctor's Wife and the ad has the slogan of "For The Girl Who's Tired Of Waiting."

The slogan is not only a reference to Amy waiting 14 years to travel in the TARDIS in The Eleventh Hour but also to her as The Girl Who Waited which came two episodes before Closing Time.

Sophie goes away for a little holiday on the weekend leaving Craig alone to take care of Alfie.

Just as Sophie leaves, the Doctor turns up to Craig's surprise.

The Doctor, who knows that he is going to die very soon, spends a little time with Craig and Alfie when he read something in the newspaper.

This results in the Doctor getting a job at the department store where Craig with Alfie sees him there.

The Doctor got a job there after reading in the newspaper that the store had electrical disturbances as well as employees who suddenly gone missing.

In the Doctor's first scene as a store employee he showed the yappy dog robot and said it was not as fun as he remembers. A sly reference to K9 perhaps.

Closing Time sees the Cybermat making its NuWho debut. I said at the time that in case anyone thought the Cybermat looked cute and cuddly undoubtedly got a shock when they saw its teeth because I certainly got that shock.

Possible sly references to two other Cybermen stories with Craig saying invasion of the Cybermen (The Invasion) and the Doctor saying spare parts (the Big Finish story of that name, elements of which was used for Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel).
The Doctor smashing into a glass door at Craig's place seemed reminiscent to the Cyberman doing the same in another glass door in Rise of the Cybermen.

The resolution to this Cybermen encounter sees the Doctor and Craig at the clutches of the Cybermen with Craig as a Cyberman but thankfully very briefly due to him being able to overcome the conversion process because of his love for his son Alfie. Quite a message of how powerful love can be.

This expression of love therefore destroys the emotionless Cybermen.

As far as the main narrative is concerned Closing Time is the first episode 12 of a 13 episode season that was not the first episode of a two part story nor the middle episode of a three part story (as in the case of 2007’s The Sound of Drums).

So while the situation with Craig and the Cybermen is solved within this episode it does however lead into the season finale The Wedding of River Song with loose ends being tied up. The tying up of loose ends begins with Craig giving the Doctor the Stetson (as he was wearing it in The Impossible Astronaut) as well as the blue envelopes coming from Craig's place.

Sophie comes back but the Doctor just left but upon being reunited with Craig and Alfie, Sophie got a shock when Alfie said, "Doctor"!

The Doctor goes back to the TARDIS and knowing his death is approaching.

It is where he sees three kids and these kids would provide accounts of their meeting the Doctor which is read by River at Luna University in the 52nd century.

River then sees Madame Kovarian, a couple of Silents and a couple of Clerics as she gets forced into the astronaut suit and placed in Lake Silencio.

Like Night Terrors, Closing Time ends with a nursery rhyme, the same nursery rhyme this time singing the words of River kills the Doctor!

Although they did not appear together in Closing Time, Baron and Alex Kingston later worked together in the 2014 Chasing Shadows TV series in which they played mother and daughter.

Matthew See
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Amy Pond: Best Moments (Part One):

From Series 5 and 6.

Matthew See
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October 1 2021 marks ten years since the original broadcast of The Wedding of River Song, the finale of Matt Smith's second season as the Doctor.

Written by showrunner Steven Moffat and this concludes the story thread that began with the season opener The Impossible Astronaut, the said astronaut having killed the Doctor.

The astronaut would of course be revealed to be River.

While the viewer does see it is River in the astronaut suit here in The Wedding of River Song as well at the end of the previous episode Closing Time, Alex Kingston however wasn't in the astronaut suit back in The Impossible Astronaut as that was instead a stuntman.

The Wedding of River Song incorporates that scene of astronaut River killing the Doctor in The Impossible Astronaut as well as a new sequence inserted into it.

William Morgan Sheppard is credited here as (old) Canton Delaware probably due to the incorporation of the The Impossible Astronaut scene even though he is only seen by his truck when he arrived at Lake Silencio with no clear view of his face and his name is never mentioned here.

The second Smith season is the first of two seasons to go through a split season format and in this instance it ran across over five months, The Impossible Astronaut having come on April 23.

For the occasion of this anniversary I rewatched this at 5:02pm as that is the time the Doctor was killed at Lake Silencio on April 22 2011 and this starts with all reality changed.

This reality is forever at April 22 2011 5:02pm and all of history is there at once such as dinosaurs in a park and Romans on chariots by traffic lights!

The streets has television on the big screen and it showed interviewed on a morning show Charles Dickens with Simon Callow back as him.

Callow had previously appeared as Dickens back in The Unquiet Dead for the Chris Eccleston season.

Incidentally Callow had played Dickens outside Doctor Who including before The Unquiet Dead.

At the end of this sequence in the streets is that of a newsreader played by Meredith Vieira who is a real life news anchor and TV presenter.

She filmed her cameo during a visit to the Upper Boat Studios as part of a profile of Doctor Who produced for Today in the United States.

Newsreader Vieira reads the news which is about the Holy Emperor Winston Churchill. Ian McNeice is back as Churchill after playing him in three episodes of the previous season including mostly in Victory of the Daleks.

Matt Smith later reunited with Churchill but now looking like John Lithgow in The Crown where Smith played Prince Philip.

Emperor Churchill is tended to by Dr Malohkeh, a Silurian with Richard Hope reprising this character from the previous season where he narrowly missed McNeice in The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood written by future (and at this moment in 2021, the outgoing) showrunner Chris Chibnall.

Hope later played another Silurian, Bleytal, briefly in Dinosaurs on a Spaceship also written by Chibnall.

Emperor Churchill wonders why it is always April 22 2011, 5:02pm and Dr Malohkeh says that the one person who knows why is the soothsayer.

The emperor orders this soothsayer be brought to him. The soothsayer is brought to the emperor and it is revealed to be the Doctor as the Doctor explains that a woman (River) is the reason why all this has happened.

This then jumps to earlier with the Doctor.

Moffat had said that the Daleks weren't going to be in this season. However he still managed to write a Dalek cameo here.

While the Daleks weren't completely absent this season, I think the belief was that this season wasn't going to have a Dalek story and a Dalek cameo is not a Dalek story make.

This Dalek is a Dalek Supreme and it is badly damaged and the Doctor gets information about the Silence from it.

This then leads the Doctor to a bar to meet a Father Gideon Vandaleur. On meeting the father, the Doctor gives him his.....own condolences as this isn't the real Gideon Vandaleur as he has been dead for some time.

This is instead the Teselacta in disguise. No doubt the return of the Teselacta here got hinted at when it got included in the reprise at the beginning of their previous and introductory appearance in Let's Kill Hitler, five episodes earlier and which was also the mid-season opener.

This reprise ends with the Teselacta in Amy's form answering the Doctor's question about the Silence.

The Teselacta in Vandaleur's form gives information to the Doctor which then leads the Doctor to meet Gantok for a game of Live Chess, a game that is true to its name because losing it is very deadly.

Gantok, under prosthetics, is played by Mark Gatiss but not under his own name. He is instead credited as Rondo Haxton and it is named after the actor Rondo Hatton (1894-1946).

For this season, Gatiss had also written Night Terrors, four episodes earlier.

Gantok tells the Doctor the only person who can tell what he wants to know is Dorium Maldovar but the Doctor says that Dorium is dead having been beheaded by the Headless Monks in A Good Man Goes To War.

This then has the Doctor agree to Gantok's request to throw the game in return for taking him to Dorium.

Gantok takes the Doctor to where Dorium is but Gantok took this opportunity to kill the Doctor.

However the Doctor got saved when Gantok got devoured by skulls of the Headless Monks.

The Doctor finds Dorium's head in a box and he is alive despite the head not being with his body.

Dorium reveals that the Silence are dedicated to averting the Doctor's future, warning him that silence must fall when "the first question" is asked on the planet Trenzalore, which is "Doctor who?"

Therefore they want his death.

The Doctor's solution to this is to keep running away as death, he says, has never lay a glove on him.

The Doctor drops mentions of Rose and Captain Jack as he mentions the possibilities of what he would be doing to avoid death.

He then gives a call to a retirement home of where his old friend the Brigadier was staying as he was coming for him.

However the nurse he talked to on the phone sadly informed the Doctor that the Brigadier had passed away some months ago.

This is a tribute to Brigadier actor Nicholas Courtney who had passed away on February 22 earlier that year.

In one of his stories as the Brigadier, Inferno has Courtney also playing the Brigadier's counterpart in the alternate world, the Brigade Leader who wears an eyepatch.

Read that Courtney used to tell a story about the crew goofing on him by all wearing.
eyepatches during the shoot of Inferno.

The Wedding of River Song has people wearing eyepatches and this is also a tribute to Courtney as well given the Inferno shoot.

Being informed of the Brigadier's death convinced the Doctor to stop running away.

He asked the Teselacta to deliver the blue envelopes to his friends as he can't cross his own timestream.

Eventually comes to the moment at the lake. The Doctor expects to be killed by astronaut River but this moment didn't come as River discharged the suit weapons system and the Doctor lives.

We come back to the Doctor and Churchill, having explaining why it is always April 22 2011 5:02pm.

The Doctor soon notices that Churchill has his revolver which has been fired upon and the Doctor himself is holding a sword. They have been defending themselves and they see on the ceiling a bunch of Silences.

Then the place is broken into by soldiers in eyepatches.

My wife Karen Gillan gets to have James Bond here as she made entrance here as Amy also with an eyepatch with the introduction of Pond, Amellia Pond.

In fact the day before the tenth anniversary of The Wedding of River Song, the latest James Bond movie No Time To Die made its official UK premiere on September 30 2021.

The Doctor was delighted to see Amy but horrified that she has an eyepatch before she shoots him.

It turns out it is a stun gun as Amy didn't want him to ask questions right there and them.

The Doctor wakes up and discovers that he is on a train with Amy. Incidentally I saw my wife Karen in another train in Not Another Happy Ending.

Thinking that Amy has forgotten him, the Doctor tries to convince her that they know each other and had adventures together.

It is then he noticed, having unintentionally picked it up, that he is holding a toy TARDIS and there are pictures of those said adventures on the wall.

Amy remembers the Doctor and these adventures.

Rory then turns up briefly in this train scene but does not have any memories of the Doctor. Rory also wears an eyepatch and is a captain.

The train eventually reaches its destination and it is Area 52 in Egypt.

Despite looking like one, Amy explains that she isn't wearing an eyepatch. It is instead an Eye Drive. This allows the wearer to remember the memory proof Silence.

The Doctor then wears a Eye Drive and at Area 52 they see a Silence in a watery cage.

The Doctor and Amy soon meets with River also with an Eye Drive in Area 52.

Among the other people in Eye Drive is scientist Dr Kent. She is played by Emma Campbell-Jones.

She later played the companion-like Cass in the Eighth Doctor mini-episode The Night of the Doctor.

I just discovered Emma Campbell-Jones is a first cousin once removed of Richard Franklin. Franklin had played UNIT Captain Mike Yates under the command of the said Brigadier.

They also see Madame Kovarian tied up in a chair.

The Doctor eventually realises that something isn't right and asked Kovarian how many Silence are trapped here.

She says none as they were never trapped as they just waiting for their moment. That moment comes as the Silence breaks out of their watery cages.

In another attack from the Silence, they activate electricity on the Eye Drives to electrified their wearers. This includes Kovarian as the Silence has now turned on her.

Kovarian's Eye Drive is quickly taking off her eye and lives for the moment.

Rory stays behind to fight the Silence as the others get away but he has to keep the Eye Drive on to remember them.

The Silence breaks in as Rory faces them but he is being electrified by the Eye Drive.

Then comes the cool and funny moment when Amy came back and shoots the Silence with a gun and saving Rory.

With no Doctor around, Amy takes her revenge on Kovarian for taking baby Melody away by putting Kovarian's Eye Drive back on her and therefore killing her.

My wife Karen later reunited with Frances Barber (Kovarian) in We'll Take Manhattan which also had my wife Karen's The Vampires of Venice co-star Helen McCrory.

Amy and Rory then joins the Doctor and River as the latter two got married.

As the Doctor's wife River can keep a secret from her husband the Doctor and the Doctor whispers her that secret.

In Amy and Rory's earshot, the Doctor says that he had just whispered to River his real name.

The Doctor and River kiss and goes back to that moment in Lake Silencio as astronaut River succeeds in killing the Doctor and timeline is restored to normal.

We then see Amy in her backyard when River arrives.

This River is in fatigues as this River is the one after the adventure on the Byzantium in The Time of Angels.

Amy tells this River what had just happened to the Doctor.

River says the Doctor isn't dead and the Doctor didn't whispered his real name.

The Doctor there was the Teselacta in the Doctor's form with the real Doctor inside of it.

Eventually Rory is told by Amy and River of the Doctor being alive.

River stated the fact that she is the Doctor's wife and funny when Amy came to the realisation that this makes her the Doctor's mother-in-law!

The Wedding of River Song ends with the Doctor returning the head only Dorium back to his place with Dorium saying multiple times “Doctor Who” as Moffat has given the tease on what his plans were for the next season which stretches into the 50th anniversary year in 2013.

Matthew See
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The Thirteenth Floor: ... _(TV_story)

If Lis Sladen had lived in 2011, The Thirteenth Floor was to have become the penultimate story of season 5 of The Sarah Jane Adventures and to be written by Phil Ford
The Thirteenth Floor would have seen Clyde and Rani officially becoming a couple, which got hinted at before, and getting the couple name of Clani.
(Incidentally Russell T. Davies didn't address Clani in Farewell, Sarah Jane as it didn't give any hint that such a relationship had developed.)
The Thirteenth Floor would have seen Clyde and Rani trapped in the lift of a tower block, at the said thirteenth floor and spending decades alone together.
While The Thirteenth Floor did not make it on-screen as a SJA story, Ford however reworked the script to become a story for season 2 of Wizards vs Aliens, created by Ford and Davies as a non-Who production successor to SJA with Tom Clarke (Scott Haran) and Lexi (Gwendoline Christie) taking on the Clyde and Rani roles in this story.

In 2012, DWM looked into the unmade SJA season 5 stories including The Thirteenth Floor in The Sarah Jane Companion Volume Three.

For The Thirteenth Floor however it only gave a partial synopsis as it could not give anymore due to the Wizards vs Aliens' version coming out a couple of months later.

DWM stated that they could go back looking into the SJA version after the Wizards vs Aliens version came out.

However I can't find anything that showed that DWM ever revisited the SJA version.

In 2017 at The Sarah Jane Adventures Reunion marking the series' tenth anniversary, Ford donated the third draft of The Thirteenth Floor at an auction meaning the person who bought it at this auction got to read what the SJA version was meant to look like.

Reading from TARDIS Wiki, The Thirteenth Floor was potentially going to feature Amy and Rory, the Doctor's then companions.

At the time that The Thirteenth Floor would have been broadcast, the audience had last seen Amy and Rory in The Wedding of River Song when River told them the Doctor is still alive.

The next time Amy and Rory saw the Doctor was at the end of the 2011 Doctor Who Christmas Special The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe.

Marking ten years in the month since the end of The Sarah Jane Adventures

Matthew See
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New Town Killers:
Released in 2008, I saw New Town Killers due to a single scene done by my wife Karen Gillan who would later play Amy Pond in Doctor Who.
In fact New Town Killers was released in the same year that my wife Karen made her Doctor Who debut albeit as the Soothsayer in The Fires of Pompeii.
Coincidentally New Town Killers has Liz White and Dougray Scott as the villain and both would later be in Doctor Who but narrowly after my wife Karen's time as Amy had ended with White in The Snowmen and Scott in Hide.
An enjoyable little scene from my wife Karen in New Town Killers which was actually her first film role.
The main plot is about a parentless teenager Sean (James Anthony Pearson) who is forced to play a nasty sadistic game of hunting with Sean being the prey.
Sean is forced to do this so he can win the money that is the prize as his sister (White) is in debt and needs to pay it off.
Overall not bad.

Matthew See
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