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Author:  Tao [ Thu Apr 07, 2011 9:22 am ]
Post subject:  Killzone 3

I've never been a great fan of FPS games, Goldeneye being a notable exception, but when given the choice between a Move or Killzone 3 deal when I bought my Playstation 3 a few weeks ago, I decided, mainly because I've got the Wii for motion control stuff, to get the Killzone 3 one.

As I say, I've not been a huge fan of FPSs, mainly because I'm fairly rubbish at them (third person, now, that's another matter; give me a Zelda or a good horror-survival like Eternal Darkness and I'm in heaven), so I was initially a bit unimpressed with Killzone 3, but I've really found myself enjoying this game, especially the stealth sections, hiding in grass or in the shadows, dashing out to slit a Helghast solder's throat from behind or taking out sentries with a head-shot with the silenced sniper rifle. Not so keen on the massive war-zone bits or the vehicle sections, but still, better than I thought it would be by a long way. And it looks lovely (though I'm used to Wii graphics, so more easily impressed than some).

Still not confidant enough in my abilities to go online and do some multiplayer though!

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