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 Post subject: DC Universe Online
PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2012 3:57 pm 
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Decided a while ago, when DC Universe Online went free to play, that I'd give it a go on PS3. After an age of downloading, started having a go in the Player verses Environment server (I avoided the Player verses Player server fearing instant attack by hugely powerful players that had been playing for ages) and quite enjoyed it up to a point. Not having played a MMO before it took me weeks to realise that I actually did need to interact with other players, form groups and make friends in order to progress through the harder parts of the missions. Got my character, "Oatback" to level 22.

Then I started using the PvP server with a different character, "NWOrboat". Slightly different to my other guy, he has the electricity powers that were DLC that I bought in order to upgrade from Free to Premium membership (well worth it). Since then I've been almost exclusively playing PvP, occasionally getting my arse kicked by a higher leveled player but not that often (and just today two villains attacked me at the same time and I defeated them both, which was satisfying). I'm up to level 21 now and just hitting the really hard stuff that I can't really do alone, so have been joining up with other players to get those big battles done. Currently need some friends to take out Yellow Lantern fear generator in Metropolis and raid some sort of Joker's den of evil or something in Gotham (well, I need to neutralise some vans first, which is proving hard!).

So, if anyone is out there wandering around in DC Universe Online, keep your eyes out for a level 21 heavy brute electric healer with a big hammer, wearing a top hat and eyepatch and not much else!

Seriously, I need help to level up!

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